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Toda la información se puede consultar en la página web de la UPM en le siguient link:

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ATHENS: abierto el plazo de inscripción Noviembre 2014

Ya está abierto el plazo de solicitud para los cursos ATHENS, que se celebrara del 15 al 22 de noviembre de 2014.

La informaicón se puede consultar en la web de la UPM,

La inscripción en la web del programa para los alumnos de la UPM se cierra el día 29 de septiembre .Es el último día para entregar la documentación en la Oficina Internacional de su centro.

Una vez realizada la inscripción en la web, se deberá imprimirla y firmarla al igual que el Commitment del estudiante y entregar ambos papeles al responsable de relaciones internacionales de su escuela, para que le de su visto bueno. 

A partir de la aceptación del alumno en el curso ATHENS, no será posible su cancelación salvo en circunstancias muy especiales. En caso de renuncia los alumnos que tendrán que hacerse cargo de los gastos locales que conlleven a la institución organizadora del curso, así como los gastos de la reserva de alojamiento.

La fecha prevista para la lista de admitidos a los cursos es el 15 de octubre de 2014.

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STUDIO David Thulstrup is looking for intern who is focussed within the field of furniture design / interior design.

Can you sketch your ideas on paper? Can you do models and prototypes? Do you have a strong eye, when it comes to create products, furniture or interior design? Are you good at drawing your models in both 2D and 3D? Are you passionate, self-driven and good at taking responsibility? STUDIO David Thulstrup needs an intern, who is focussed within the field of furniture/ interior design. The internship period is minimum 3 months, it is unpaid and situated in Copenhagen, Denmark.

STUDIO David Thulstrup is a small international team that consists of architects, interior designers and product designers. We are young, dynamic and work on many different levels. There is a relaxed tone, but we work seriously to reach our goals and satisfy our clients.

The intern we are looking for should be able to think creatively and have a strong eye when it comes to create furniture or interior. At STUDIO David Thulstrup we often work with tight deadlines, so you must also be good at performing in a fast pace in order to keep the schedules. It is important that you can get your ideas out on paper and also draw them in 3D.

You are required to:

- Have been studying for a minimum of 3 years
- Have experience with retail ,interior design or
product design
- Good experience in making models and prototypes
- Have a thorough knowledge in drawing 2D and 3D
- Be good at multitasking
- Be self-driven and good at keeping the schedules
- Be able to think creative thoughts
- Are able to start at the end of august or early september

We offer:

- An exciting and dynamic office
- An internship that’ll give you a lot of experience and knowledge in product design
- Challenging assignments that vary a lot
- A creative and informal team with humoristic sense and seriousness at the same time.
- The office language is English

Send your application, CV and portfolio to:

Deadline is: 15 July. 2014. 

If you have questions about the internship please contact us at +45 33 11 80 76

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Practicas laborales en Nottingham - Reino Unido

Placementmaker Limited: Architectural Assistant (Nottingham)

Placementmaker is a Vocational Education and Training company, based in Cambridgeshire. Since 2006 we have been working with UK and EU universities to develop internship and study programmes to support students and graduates in gaining valuable international experience. We manage EU funded and commercial programmes directly and on behalf of University partners. For further details please see

Host description:
Our Host partner are a medium size architectural practice with their main headquarters in Nottingham, East Midlands. We have worked with this partner for a number of years and they have always delivered high quality placements for the interns we have sent. Some of these interns are now working directly as employees. Due to a very positive growth in the Host's business they have asked us to look for additional interns to work in their project teams. Full details of the Host will be given to any applicant prior to any interviews and as part of the interview preparation. Please do not contact the Host directly, without the prior approval of both your sending organisation and Placementmaker Limited.

Internship description:
The intern will work directly within one of the Host's architectural project teams for a minimum period of 5-6 months. Ideally the intern will be a graduate and available to consider employment after the internship but alternative options for students, near to the end of their studies, may be available. Key tasks of the position may include:

      - Supporting the preparation and display of design proposals to clients
- Using IT in design and project management
- Supporting advising the client on the practicality of their project
      - Keeping within financial budgets and time deadlines
- Producing detailed drawings
- Supporting the preparation of tenders, applications and presentations
- Supporting and coordinating the work of contractors and other professionals
- Attending site visits

The ideal candidate will be a University educated graduate or final year student with:
-    A completed or near completed Architectural Degree (various specialities acceptable)
-    Experience in a variety of architectural tools, preferably including Revit
-    Good or Advanced English level
-    Sense of responsibility, communicative, organized, friendly and welcoming

Duration: Ideally a minimum of 5-6 months

How to apply: email your CV & preferred placement dates to

Other information:
Accommodation will be pre-arranged in a quality shared flat or house. Costs will be £90-£95/week for a furnished good size room and would include all bills, internet access, etc. Candidates staying 6 months may also receive a small amount of additional support with costs, transferred by Placementmaker, subject to agreement and company funds.

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El estudio collinfontaine architectes de Ginebra busca,para colaborar  en diferentes proyectos y concursos en fases distintas de desarróllo,un becario/a durante un período mínimo de 6 meses.
Durante dicho período el becario/a colaborará asimismo con el colectivo BORABORA,taller sinérgico,dinámico y creativo del cual collinfontain architectes forma parte integrante. 

Agradecemos nos envéis vuestro CV y portfolio a la siguiente dirección de correo:

Nota: El candidato/a debe poseer un cierto conocimiento del idioma francés.

Le bureau collinfontaine architectes a Geneve cherche,pour collaborer sur différents projets et concours a divers stades de développement,un /une stagiaire pour une durée de 6 mois minimum. Lors de votre stage vous serez également ammenés a collaborer avec le collectif BORABORA,atelier de
synergie alliant dynamisme et créativité,dont notre bureau fait partie intégrante.

Merci de nous envoyer votre CV et portfolio a l'adresse suivante:

collinfontaine architectes
ruedes Ronzades 3,1227 Acacias Geneve


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Conflict, Negotiation and the Architecture of the City

“LEARNING FROM JERUSALEM – Conflict, Negotiation and the Architecture of the City” is a unique and innovative semester programme, held between March–June 2015, conducted in English, designed by the MUrbDes Graduate Programme in Urban Design at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
The Bezalel Academy has been active in the city for more than one hundred years and places great importance on theoretical and applied research in the fields of design, art and architecture. Bezalel acts as a cultural centre where praxis and theory truly interact, and where the theory of art praxis is being built.
The Urban Design programme, housed in the beautiful and historically important Hansen Campus, near the city centre, is known for its critical, integrative and interdisciplinary nature. It builds on knowledge-based design projects, with the objective of enriching the quality of the environment in cities through innovative design.  The programme focuses on a theoretical analysis of the spatial structure that forms the city. Situated in the city of Jerusalem, the multifaceted environment provides a living laboratory for diversified urban subjects, from high-level conservation, through the rehabilitation of the inner city to renewal and new development on the outskirts of the city. These uniquely-Jerusalem phenomena weave together an unusual, seemingly unequalled diversity, of ethnic, religious and cultural populations.

Duration of the Programme:  One semester (four months), March 1 – June 26, 2015.


To be eligible, you must:
- Be an MA student or an advanced undergraduate student in the fields of architecture, planning, landscape architecture and urban design, or in the social sciences.
- Not be registered as a student at another Israeli institution.
- Proficiency in English is required.

The Academic Programme

The programme focuses on the relationships between urban design and everyday life in Jerusalem. It aims to highlight the complexity of urban conflicts in Jerusalem not solely as a unique case, but rather as an urban arena that could be used as a laboratory for understanding urban conflicts elsewhere and possible agendas for their resolution.

The programme offers the following courses:
- An introductory course “The Planning History of Jerusalem” (4 credits) that includes a series of lectures by leading scholars and professionals and study-tours in the Jerusalem metropolitan area.

- A research seminar “The Architecture[s] of Conflict[s]” (4 credits) that offers theoretical and empirical study of the role of the built environment in ethno-national conflict, formal and informal processes of urban development in the framework of critical urban geopolitics.

- Design studio (4 credits), that deals with contemporary urban design debates in the city and its diverse communities – focusing on spaces of conflict and negotiations on one hand, as well as on territories of compromise and coexistence, hope and cooperation on the other. Students may alternatively choose a design studio at the Architecture Department, taught by Nilly R. Harag, called: “Pilgrimage to a Lost Jerusalem: On the Road to Wandering”.
The academic faculty includes experts in the field of urban design, urban planning and urban politics such as Dr. Haim Yacobi (Head of the Programme), Prof. Mike Turner (Charge de mission UNESCO ADG Culture, UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies) and Dr. Noah Rubin. The administrative aspects of the programme are to be coordinated by one of the programme's faculty members.

The programme is offered by Bezalel's MUrbDes Programme in Urban Design. The credits are exchangeable with the US credit system and the EU ECTS with Diploma Supplement, and will be accredited to the student following recognition by his/her university.

Cost and Registration

The programme fee is 5,000 Euros. The fee includes tuition and pre-departure advising. It does not include the mandatory health insurance (more info about insurance), travel costs, housing and other expenses in Israel.


Registration dates are May 1, 2014 until December 1, 2014

To Apply :

1. (Optional) Fill out the online initial registration form
2. Fill out a full application form, and send it back with  the following attachments :

A. Letter of motivation describing why you wish to participate in this programme and explaining how your academic and professional background is relevant to this programme (2 pages max., in English).

. Full and updated Curriculum Vitae.

 Names of 2 people who can provide references on your suitability to the programme.

 A passport photo.

For further information and inquiries regarding the programme, please email us at
Tuition fees, Housing in jerusalem and useful information

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La fundación SENER ha abierto la convocatira de becas 2014 para la formación de postgrado de jóvenes ingenieros o titulados técnicos no españoles, con excelente nivel acadeémico.

El plazo de presentación de solicitudes finalizará el día 31 de mayo de 2014.

las bases y formularios pueden consultarse en :

La presentación de solicitudes habrá de hacerse a través de dicha página web.

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Do you want to discover the world of Modelmaking while staying in a Natural Park in the North of Spain? Join us!

Atelier La Juntana is a group of architects and artists developing Architectural Models and prototypes worldwide, working with international firms such as MVRDV and BIG. We produce models, investigate new possibilities and organise Fab-Lab and Model-Making Workshops.

MMDA´14, Model Making in The Digital Age is a one week workshop investigating the relation between traditional craft and digital design. Throughout the course you will explore cutting-edge model making techniques while developing a personal model or prototype.

The workshop consists of a theoretical and practical part led by tutors with different backgrounds, including architects and artists. During the course you will have full access to our workshop equipment and material: laser cuter, 3D printer, wood and metal workshop, resin and polyester casting, etched metal, embossing paper. Accommodation bed and breakfast, all practical materials, exhibition and publication of projects are included.

Where and when?
Next workshop will take place in Santander, Spain, from 14th to 20th of July. Organised in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Madrid and Cantabria’s Architecture Official College, where the final exhibition will take place.

Join us!